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Thomtech is a growing small scale industry based in Chennai, very close to CHENNAI AIRPORT, started with team of switchgear experts from various fields in switchgear industries having more than 25 years of experience. We are now leading supplier of switchgear components to electrical and mechanical industries

To create unique and outstanding quality products to customers
To enhance continuously our technologies, and develop new technologies and new products to expand our offering to customers

THOMTECH  shall be the most trusted, respected and preferred brand for our customers
THOMTECH shall be recognized widely as a bench mark, and shall serve as a role model to other engineering industries by producing and supplying good quality products.


Hign Voltage Terminal connectors and clamps
Gear mechanisms
Solenoid coils
Auxiliary switches 
Corona Rings
Portable earthing device for substation bus earthing
Inter pole,  Interphase and operating links
Supporting structures for sub  station equipments
Electrical and mechanical components for  switch  gear industries
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